Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be able to learn songs for our Ceremony and First Dance?

Yep! I perform at the ceremony as a soloist and I learn 3  songs:

·     Walking down the isle

·     Signing of the Register

·     As you leave the ceremony

Doesn’t matter what songs they are, it’s your special day so I’m more than happy to learn whatever it is you’d like. Same principal goes for the first dance.

What kind of band would you recommend for our wedding?

Every wedding is different and each couple has their own tastes so there are no strict guidelines. However, what I've found that a 4 piece band is great for wedding receptions. As for ceremony and canapés an acoustic duo is nice too!

We understand through the early parts of the reception guests are eating and talking to each other so while the drums are there, we still know how to be tasteful enough to play at a reasonable, relaxed volume. Then once the first dance is out of the way, we'll be ready to get the party started!

Do you provide your own PA system?

Sure do, at each performance we provide all the neccessary equipment. We provide a high quality PA system that is suitable for all venues,  small or large. Anything over 400 people please let me know and we can discuss PA options.

What happens with breaks & break music?

Generally the works the best is for 4-5 x 45 minute sets across the 5  approximate hours a wedding reception goes for.
As for break music, I use Spotify. So dependent on the current time/crowd/mood I can pick music accordingly.
e.g. Through the early parts of the afternoon/night easy listening background music then as the night progresses so does the energy of the music.

Otherwise if there are songs you’d love to hear throughout the night just let me know and I can prepare a playlist for you.

How  do we confirm a booking? 

To confirm a booking, I collect a 50% non-refundable deposit. As for the remainder of the price this is generally sorted out 2 weeks prior to the event.

Would  you like dinner at the event?

If it’s not too much trouble we always appreciate a meal, as it can be a long night and we do get a little bit hungry! :)

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