Band Options

5 - 8 Piece Band

A 5 - 8 Piece band is what will give you that larger than life feel. Perfect for larger venues which need a bit of help filling out the room. Extra musicans to add range from keys, sax, guitarists, vocalists and more.

4 Piece Band w/Drummer, female vocalist & bass

The 4 piece is the most popular format which will provide a fantastic and memorable experience for you and your guests. Having the 4 of us extends our repertoire and lets us really nail the songs exactly as you know them!

Duo w/Female vocalist/DJ

Alternatively inviting a female vocalist along gives the act diversity and colour. We'll play live sets right up until about 10pm, then switch to DJ'ing.


Performing as a soloist is a great way to get yourself live music whilst also staying budget friendly. The solo option is perfect for dinner/canapé settings or wedding ceremonies.

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